Calicut, the commercial hub of north Kerala, is home to Volga foods Pvt. Ltd., a market leader in the manufacture and distribution of food products. Annals of Kerala history describe Calicut as a much sought after destination of Romans and Arabs in the quest of pepper (black gold) and other spice commodities.

Volga Foods marked its beginning in 1925 exploring the avenues of a specialty segment of business, the preparation and marketing of DRY FRUIT SYRUPS, PICKLES, JAM, SAUCE etc. Inspired by the track record of Malabar in world trade, we started the exports of food products in the brand name “THADI”. Sheer excellence rooted in quality helped our brand name to carve out a niche in the international market by our brand presence. Our brand 'MASTERS' has concered an enviable position in the domestic market too within a short span of time.

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